The Shifted Ones

We are constantly shifting.  Here, we believe that there is no shift more profound than the initial shift into motherhood.  This sets off a series of movements through the stages of motherhood that only those who have been there can understand. The Shifted Ones aims to validate and uplift all mothers as they grow.  Our products are inspired by motherhood and thoughtfully designed for any mother to buy for herself or for any supporter to gift.   

The Owner

I am Leanne and I am a Mental Health therapist. Before having my children, I intended to support others' mental health indefinitely through the power of therapy. The moment I shifted into motherhood, I realized that I could not hold space for others' needs while raising my child. I have absolute respect and no negative judgment for mothers who return to work at any timeline that suits herself. I am simply sharing that my energetic resources would not spread this way given my nature as well as my chosen profession.

I have been navigating motherhood of two boys over the past five years. To put it shortly, the lifestyle is simultaneously chaotic/monotonous, relatable/individual, and stretches me to the limits of my emotions. All of my emotions.

Despite the relative amount of time spent as a professional versus a mother, I have never felt a more authentic version of myself as a mom. Yet, I am void in my role as a working woman as well as in my ability to help others. After several steps down paths that were not correct for me... I have arrived here to offer you solitude, humor, validation, and support dear mothers.